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Truck Accident Liabilities

Truck Accident LiabilitiesAnybody who is injured by the negligent maintenance, instruction or operating of a truck company or its representatives, i.e., drivers, can sue for damages. This includes minors and adults, passengers in the truck (however, passengers who are employees of the same company as the driver will only be able to sue if someone other than the driver caused the accident because of the worker’s compensation exclusive remedy), drivers of other motor vehicles, motorcyclists, bicyclists, pedestrian and anyone else injured by the negligent maintenance or operation of a truck.

Further, truck drivers themselves can bring a lawsuit in circumstances when other persons or entities are responsible or even partly responsible for the accident.

The spouse of the injured plaintiff can also bring a lawsuit for loss of consortium damages; that is, damages for the loss of society, comfort and care of the injured plaintiff.

But truck accident cases aren’t as simple as the average car accident. To win a truck accident case, your lawyer needs to be familiar with state and Federal regulations concerning the operation and maintenance of trucks, and with the documents and records trucking companies are required to keep.

If you or a loved one has been hurt in a truck accident, you need lawyers with the experience and skill to make the trucking companies and their insurers pay for the devastating injuries truck accidents cause. You wouldn’t hire just anybody to drive your valuables across the country. Don’t make the mistake of hiring just any lawyer to handle your truck accident case. click on link to find more about hiring a lawyer in SC,

At Polewski & Associates, we are experienced in handling truck accident cases. We know that accidents are not only caused by the negligence of drivers, but also by the negligence of truck companies who put the wrong drivers behind the wheel-and we know how to prove it. Call us, and see the difference an expert can make with your case.

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