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Ten fatal mistakes that can wreck your personal Truck injury claims

Accidents can occur at any time and since we have no prior knowledge to when they will happen, the best we can do is insure ourselves and our property against such incidents so that once they occur we can face the situation with some peace of mind. One area where accidents do occur frequently is in the automobile industry. Car accidents occur all the time and that is why car insurance is mandatory for all vehicles on the road.

South Carolina insurance policy

There are different types of automobile insurance policies and each state has its own policy that they apply to the residents of that state. South Carolina is no different. The type of insurance policy applied or rather used in South Carolina is one auto accident attorney refers to as “fault car insurance”. This is the type of insurance whereby, in the case of an accident, the driver who is at fault is the one held liable for the compensation.

Mistakes made by claimers include;

Not calling the police

What drivers should know is that in case of an accident, other that the services of an ambulance, the other service you need are that of the police. Most accident victims whether minor or major tend to think that all they need is an ambulance and that’s it. Make sure you request for traffic police to come and see the accident scene.

Not going for medical examination

Another important aspect needed in accident case is getting medical attention. The emergency room is not just for the injured but even if you feel okay after an accident you do need to see a doctor just for him to rule out any sort of injury that might go unnoticed.

Do not give information to insurance representatives

Another advice that car accident attorneys advocate for is that you should not let your insurance company give you advice on what to do. Remember in South Carolina if you are the victim, then the faulty driver needs to pay you. But what you should take note of is that it is their insurance company who are responsible for compensation so avoid discussing any information with them without your auto accident lawyer.

Ten fatal mistakes that can wreck your personal Truck injury claims

You will be under surveillance.

The aim of insurance is make money and compensating claimers make them part a way with large amount of money. To make sure they pay the minimum claim, they will keep you under surveillance after an accident to make sure your daily routine tally with the medical claim that you are making. So beware of this.

Pictorial evidence

Make sure you take pictures or you can even talk to your car accident lawyer to send you a qualified photographer to record all your injuries and medical procedures.

Get legal advice immediately

Immediately after the accident request for a car accident attorney to advice you on all the relevant areas. Do not wait.

Go for all doctor’s appointments

Ignoring your appointment will indicate that your injury is not very serious.

All evidence should be preserved

Do not destroy any form of evidence, until you are fully compensated.

Do not talk to anyone

Remember the main reason of a lawyer early is to help you have a contact person who will represent you. So if the insurance company wants to talk to you or anyone else for that matter, then let them ask your lawyer.

Always tell the truth

Do not lie, it will compromise your case and there are higher chances of loosing the case.

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