Truck Accident Injury Attorney

Benefits of Hiring

Benefits of Hiring a Truck Accident Injury Attorney

In contrast to other types of road accidents, truck accidents are some of the worst automobile accidents. According to a recent study, it was determined that roughly 10% of all fatalities and injuries on the road are due to truck accidents. Therefore, it is extremely important to seek the counsel of an experienced and skilled truck accident injury lawyer after being involved in a truck accident.

Besides acting as your legal representative, a personal injury attorney who specializes in 18-wheeler or big rig accidents will provide you with valuable counsel regarding various aspects of the law that deals with truck accidents.

The horrors of the road are very real. Unfortunately, many people are gravely injured in motorcycle accidents involving commercial vehicles. Truck accidents are particularly terrifying, especially when the collision is with a motorcycle.

Benefits of Hiring a Truck Accident Injury Attorney

A truck company can be found directly negligent in an accident if it negligently hired the driver of its truck, failed to ensure that the truck driver was properly licensed, negligently entrusted the truck driver with the truck, failed to instruct properly the truck driver on the safe use of the truck in terms of loading,unloading and driving, and for negligent maintenance of the truck as well as for failing to have truck properly equipped.

The trucking company has a “non-delegable duty,” i.e., a duty it cannot pass on to anyone else, to use reasonable care to equip and maintain the truck in compliance with the law. The truck must be equipped as required by statute and as is necessary for safe operation and must be maintained in a reasonably safe running condition. Failure to equip or maintain a truck as required by law gives rise to a presumption of negligence.

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